80/20 Rule or Pareto's Principle

Not long after I learned about the 80/20 Rule or Pareto’s Principle...⁣I applied it immediately!  The easiest way to apply this principle in life is to look at the things that you do daily that influence your happiness and productivity.⁣  The 80/20 principle says that in almost any area, 20 percent of the input or effort produces 80 percent of the output or reward.

How often do people spend their day in a negative headspace (complaining, comparing, gossiping, being upset or zapping your emotional energy away)?⁣

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The theory is that 80 per cent of the effects are created by 20 percent of the causes.⁣  By cutting the non-essential and the things that generate little value, you declutter your mind, space and time!⁣  Just think about what 20 percent of activities in your life produce 80 percent of your happiness, and try to find ways to spend more time to engaged in them.

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Putting 80/20 Into Action:

Step 1:  Identify your 80/20 goals or values. ⁣Be constantly intentional with how and where you spend your time. 

Step. 2:  Identify these activities and focus on them instead of worrying about non-essential or time-wasting activities. T

Step. 3.  By being mindful and committed on the 20% actions that give you 80% of your results.

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20 percent of my habits create 80 percent of my values. ⁣These are meditation, going on hikes, reading, eating healthy, exercising, family and committed to learning and growing. (Health & Wellness, State of Being and Mindset.)⁣

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Which 20% of your daily tasks create the most value and happiness? Can you reduce the 80% that do not give you much in return?⁣

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