Mindset is Everthing V-Neck Ladies
Spiritual Mindset

Mindset is Everthing V-Neck Ladies

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At first glance what might seem like a typo, I assure you is not. Mindset is in fact, ever-thing. 

See, we believe that mindset is at the crux of success. It's what's behind every successful athlete, entrepreneur, yogi, and professional. It's what supports happiness, and inspires gratitude. It's what ignites focus, and supports good karma. But a positive, growth mindset musn't be a one-time affair. Mindset, is ever-thing; a for-ever thing.

Cultivating a growth mindset in each moment is key for success on every level. And the understanding that this is an ever-thing is paramount.

Our line exists to empower and support people in cultivating and maintaining their own spiritual mindset, and understanding that mindset is everthing.


A classic V-neck t-shirt
Cut slimmer for a flattering fit


67%Rayon from bamboo
27%Organic cotton

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