Our Story, the Mind-Body-Environment Connection

Only through daily practices can we create spiritual and sustainable habits that will enable us to transform the negativity in our lives to positive energy and results. This transition is why we started Spiritual Mindset Wear, a passion for a positive mindset, that is forever linked with our love for the environment and desire for its sustainability. It’s what we call the Mind-Body-Environmental Connection.

For optimal health, we must develop broader perspectives and deepen our relationships with, and understanding of, the home we all inhabit. To be sustainable in all areas of our lives, we need to first understand our mind, our body, as well as the needs of the natural environment in which we live.

At Spiritual Mindset Wear, we have undertaken to become a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. To reach this goal a majority of our clothes are made from bamboo viscose fiber. Additionally, we make it our mission to constantly evaluate and reshape our thoughts processes, habits and decisions, always improving on our earth-friendly approach. An approach which is focused on promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle.

We believe that all of us, without exception, can work together towards this common goal which benefits us all. WE can truly make an impact and strengthen and improve the environment.The key is to be mindful about our decisions and actions and understanding that to everything we do there is an effect. Let's not waste our time or energy, let's make these actions have a positive impact on us both internally and externally.

Spiritual Mindset Wear clothing is made from bamboo and effortlessly combines comfort and performance. Many eco-conscience advocates understand that bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly choices for textiles, not only because of the remarkable versatility, accessibility, and durability of the plant but also because of it’s incredibly naturally luxurious feel, hypo-allergenic, moisture wicking, odor-inhibiting and biodegradable material.